October 2015, ENewsletter 
Afghanistan Today!
The world has witnessed the cruel acts of terrorist groups around the world. Every day thousands of innocent people fall victim to gun fire, explosions, and gang rape. Armed groups are able to easily cross boarders and take over cities and provinces that are in remote areas, where the security is weak.  Afghanistan is a country where terrorists act as if they have the right to deprive people of a peaceful life.
Current activities conducted by armed groups are crueler than ever before. They don’t recognize religion, nation, tribe or race, they kill any and everyone.  Men, woman, and children are all victims of their crimes.  They kill men and leave them for dead in the streets.  Women are raped repeatedly, then beaten, and sometimes killed.  Children are recruited to be suicide attackers, and homes are raided and destroyed. 
At the end of September, one armed group took over the city of Kunduz, in northern Afghanistan. Kunduz is located close to the border of Tajikistan with a population upwards of 300,000.  Kunduz, a once peaceful city has now turned into a war zone.  Prisoners with connections to terrorists groups were freed, houses were raided and burnt down, dead bodies were left in the streets without proper burial, and women were beaten and gang raped.  To this day, people are hiding in their homes afraid to go out.

Not only are the people of Kunduz facing inhuman treatment, they are also facing survival issues.  Kunduz is one of the main transit provinces and during the attacks vehicles carrying food, supplies, and essentials were not able to get to the city due to the insecurity.  Food prices have more than doubled.  For example, the price of 1 naan (bread) increased from 10Afs/¢.16USD to 150Afs/$2.33USD.  Civilians are trapped in their houses, they cannot go outside to get food, those who are wounded cannot go to hospitals to get treatment, as everyone is afraid of what lies outside the walls of their homes. 
According to local eye witnesses, terrorists had taken control over an International run hospital and turned it into a commend center. Word has it that there were dozens of terrorist fighters inside and outside of the hospital facility, controlling and participating in the fight against local military and law enforcement.  
Supposedly, as of today, the situation in Kunduz has improved with the Afghan forces taking back control of the city center.  However, it is still said that the terrorists have control of the suburbs.  More than 5,000 families from Kunduz have sought refuge in the Afghan capital city of Kabul, and are weary of returning to their homes as they are not sure what they will find.  
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Did you know that more than 600,000 children sleep on the streets of Afghanistan?
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Meet Zia, first Transition Home Graduate!

My name is Zia and I am 21 years old and I live in Kabul, Afghanistan. Life in Afghanistan is not easy, especially if you are an orphan. My father passed away when I was 2 years old, and after his death my mother left me with my aunt. I lived with my aunt for two years and in 2002 she brought me to Kabul Orphanage. My aunt couldn’t raise me because she didn’t have enough money, and she had her own children. I lived in the orphanage for 9 years where I successfully finished class 12. When the time came to leave the orphanage I was scared because I had no place to go. After graduation from the orphanage I couldn’t find job and I and other guys who graduated were left to survive on the streets. Many of boys who graduated with me had no other option so they joined the Afghan Military and the girls had arranged marriages done for them by their distant relatives. In January 2015, I was introduced to the TOM Transition Home and Job Placement program.  I moved into the Transition Home and I was offered a job as a Business Development Officer.  I have been engaged to be married for the last two years, and because I have a job and household items from the Transition Home Program, I was finally able marry my fiancé last week.  My wedding was good, about 600 people came among them relatives and friends, some of them are from my orphanage and from the Transition Home. I am lucky that I met the staff of TOM and was introduced to the programs TOM offers. I have learned a lot in my current job about microfinance, loan process, and marketing. I also knew that every evening I had a safe place to stay, food, and mentors who can answer my questions.

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