November 2015, ENewsletter 
Introducing DIY Creations: Empowering women of Afghanistan.
Have you ever been in a situation where you did not have enough money to feed your family? Momubah, is an Afghan women with a disabled husband and 5 children. Two weeks ago, Momubah found herself in this exact situation. Her family had only 20 Afs/$0.30USD to their name. Momubah and her daughter had made bread dough and gave that last 20Afs to a baker to bake the bread for them. She had no idea how she was going to get additional money as she had already borrowed a lot of money from family. That same day Momubah received a call from T-O-M inviting her to be a program participant for DIY Creations.  Momubah entered the program the next day and starting making beaded necklace ID holders, and that day took home 400Afs/$6.02USD for her work. Over the course of her first week in DIY Creations, she made over 1,900Afs/$28.61USD.  Momubah has become a regular program participant in DIY Creations and her family is now able to eat, purchase fuel for heat, and help pay for her daughter’s University.     
Despite the dire situation going on in Afghanistan, good things are happening and the T-O-M family is happy to be part of it. Most middle-aged women in Afghanistan are uneducated because of the Taliban not allowing females to attend school. The goal of DIY Creations is to empower women by providing them with jobs and salaries, which then leads to startup businesses. Currently they have no education, no experience, and no skill sets to be able to provide a living for their families.  T-O-M is happy to welcome nine additional women, widows, and orphan girls who have joined the DIY Creations program.
Example of items made by DIY Creations.
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Active Clients 5,416
Job Placement 63
DIY Creations 9
Transition Home 4
Transition Home- Graduates  2 
Meet Anisa TOM's Job Placement program participant!
Anisa is a 31-year old widow living in Kabul. In 2013, she lost her husband due to stomach cancer. Life quickly became difficult for her seeing as her husband was the sole income provider, thus leaving her and her 3 children alone with no financial support. Anisa started looking for a job, but had difficulty-finding one as she was not educated and had no prior work experience. She was introduced to the TOM Job Placement program and received a job as a cleaner in a local financial institution. Now she earns 10,000Afs/$153 per month. With her income, she can now afford daily meals, to send her children to school, and afford school supplies for her children. 
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