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January 2016, Newsletter
T-O-I is inviting you and your organization to Give Afghans a Reason to Stay in Afghanistan!
Working and living in Afghanistan for the last 5 years has brought a fondness for Afghans and an understanding of the struggles they currently go through in their day-to-day life.  Unfortunately, the last 2 years have brought a downsizing or closing to most Aid programs and International Organizations.  As a result, many Afghans have lost their jobs, many shopkeepers have lost their businesses, and people have resorted to basic survival skills.  This trickle-down affect has affected all Afghans and created an economic collapse.  
The situation in Afghanistan has led to a desperation for many people.  Afghans see migrating to Europe as a chance to improve the economic situation for their families.  Many Afghans make the treacherous journey illegally, some suffering and even dying on the way, all for a false hope of a better future.  At T-O-I we want to give Afghans the chance to find the economic stability they so desperately seek while staying in their home country of Afghanistan.
T-O-I is on the ground and wants to help the Afghans achieve this goal. We believe that terrorism and war can be stopped if people have food, shelter, and their basic needs met.  Afghanistan has not had the chance to stand on its own two feet and stand up to terrorism. Even with NATO troops on the ground fighting for 14 years, Afghans have not reached a state of economic improvement to where every Afghan has the basic needs of electricity, running water, and job security. When looking at Maslow’s hierarchy, Afghans have barely made it to the second tier of Safety, and unfortunately, the last 12 months have seen them go back to the first tier of Physiological.   They have not known a life of stability, economic growth, and having their basic needs met.
You may be asking why?  Why have they not been able to move past the second level on Maslow’s Hierarchy?  This is because they have not had the opportunity to experience job/income security.  We at T-O-I want to change this.  We have found that it is better to teach people how to fish instead of giving them the fish.  This creates an ownership of the solution and sense of pride in what they have been willing and able to accomplish.  With this said, we want to bring jobs to Afghanistan by means of factories and the exportation of goods.
Our programs, give hope to people who stay in Afghanistan.  This hope is what leads them to stand and fight for peace in their homeland.
List of our current programs:
  1. Our Job Placement Program helps orphans, widows and disabled persons find jobs. We helped to find jobs for more than 90 people in the last 9 months…in a downward economy.
  2. Our Transition Home provides a safe environment to boys who have graduated from local orphanages. We believe that having a safe place to live with warm meals, life mentoring, and a family environment will help prevent young boys from joining terrorist groups. This program takes in a boy with nothing but the clothes on his back and when he graduates from the program, he has basic life skills, household items, and the ability to be self-sustainable and live independently on his own.
  3. DIY Creations empowers women. DIY Creations aims to help women, widows, and orphan girls by giving them a chance to earn an income and be able to financially contribute to the family.
  4. Disaster Relief program- our team, of Afghan volunteers, is on stand by to help people who are injured in explosions, avalanches, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster that happen in Afghanistan.
With your financial contribution T-O-I will be able to open factories.

Factories and the exportation of goods. Our goal for this program is 4 fold and will create an additional 500-700 jobs.
1) Alternative energy cooking system.
2) To have modern designed furniture hand made by local Afghan carpenters for export.
3) Open a bakery for making local and international items for sale in Afghanistan.
4) Production of products like candles and soap for exportation and for sale in Afghanistan. These jobs will not depend on the presence of foreigners.  This program will give a true boost to the economy, not a false boost based on foreign troops, contractors, and expat workers spending money for a short period of time. 
T-O-I needs for $500,000. 
$53,000 will go toward setting up a Transition Home to facilitate 24 boys.  Giving them an option to stay in their country instead of making the long trek to Europe in hopes of finding a place to live and a job.
$22,000 will go toward DIY Creations to start a small boutique to sell our items made by Afghan women, widows, and orphans.
$400,000 will go toward opening the below mentioned factories;
  1. Handmade modern wood furniture for export.
  2. Bakery making local and international items for sale in Afghanistan.
  3. Production of products like candles, soaps, for export
In retrospect, $500,000 is a small amount considering the hundreds of jobs that will be created
Help us to help more people in Afghanistan!
Contribute Today!
Furniture and candles designed by T-O-I.
About T-O-I:
Full name: Tikkun Olam International,  (T-O-I)
Legal Status: Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) in the United States.
Implementing Partner:Tikkun Olam Microfinance(T-O-M)
Location of the partne: Kabul, Afghanistan.
Todays Numbers
Active Clients 5,340
Job Placement 90
DIY Creations 9
Transition Home 4
Transition Home- Graduates  2 
The story of a men whose dream is to leave Afghanistan.
Aziz is one of the middle class Uzbek men living in Kabul. Aziz was born and raised in Afghanistan. Aziz works as a guard at a private commercial business located in Kabul. He is married, he has two sons and his wife is pregnant.
One day Aziz decides to leave Afghanistan, much like thousands of other people. Aziz has been encouraged to go to Europe by a number of factors.  His neighbors and relative are leaving, and he has read posts on Facebook with stories of Afghans who made their way to the Europe. Among those posts there may be some true stories, but there are also people who encourage people to leave because they have a benefit from taking Afghans to Europe; they are called “smugglers”.  Aziz decides to take his journey.  Aziz plans to get to Turkey by airplane and after that use the cheapest way to get to one of the European country, which is going by sea; putting his and his family’s life in danger.
Aziz is so focused on the idea of making it to Europe that he ignores the fact that there is a serious chance that he and/or his family may died from the journey. There were even banners and posters hung throughout Kabul by German organizations asking people to think before leaving to another country. There are many Afghans sent back to Afghanistan, who do not have money, cannot find jobs, and regret that they have left Afghanistan, but this does not deter Aziz.
Aziz does not have a large salary and in order to get enough money to cover the expenses of the trip he would need to save for many years. To reach his dream of resettling his family in Europe, he decides to sell all of property, his belongings, and household items. When he has sold everything he has approximately $4 000 to pay for air tickets, visas, smugglers, food, accommodations in Turkey, and other expenses during the family’s journey.
First, he and his family have to apply for, and receive, their passports.  This process requires Aziz to stand a long line in the very early morning with another 2,000 Afghans in order to the passports. Aziz leaves his job, which is the family’s income source, without even being sure if he will receive their visas to the Turkey.
Four months pass, since he started to prepare to leave the country. Currently Aziz and his family are still in Afghanistan. Aziz does not have a job, his family does not have any necessary household items, all they own is two toshoks (mattresses), and it is winter in Kabul, winter night temperature can be 15 F/-26 C. Aziz has had to borrow some household items from neighbors to survive. Aziz is still dreams of leaving Afghanistan.
Aziz is a representative of thousands of Afghans who was born, raised and have own family build in wartime. Every day issues as security, ethnic challenges, corruption, and unemployment make thousands of Afghans leave the country, and putting his own life and life of his family in danger.
Job Placement
Disaster Relief
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