Vocational Training

T-O-I recognizes that whether you are an 18-year-old orphan graduate, a young mother, or just have not had the opportunity to learn job skills, an opportunity to have practical job skills training can be the difference between just being able to survive and having hope for a brighter future.  For these reasons, T-O-I has created a Vocational Skills Training Program.  This program is designed specific for each country that T-O-I works in to ensure that the sustainable skills and training is relevant to the specific context.


The program is focused on two very specific demographics.  First, the program is focused no the child labor problems that plague most countries. Many teenagers quit school, either because they are bored, or because they need to help support their families with additional income, or both.  Many of these children work abusive hours for very little pay, well below the market rate; but they have no choice.

The T-O-I program requires that youth participants remain in school full time, and work hard to receive good grades.  After school, participants are allowed, in accordance with local law, to attend the T-O-I program. While attending the program the participants are taught needed skills, allow to work very reduced hours at a good wage, to ensure they can bring income home to their families.

By providing a very controlled environment T-O-I creates a safe place for these youth to grow, learn, and earn; giving them hope and opportunities while they finish their education.


The second focus demographic for the T-O-I program is widows, disabled, and other at-risk groups.  These groups may be job placement program applicants and/or high-risk people in need of proper training and opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

No matter the demographic, the skills training and opportunity provided by T-O-breaks the poverty cycle; providing hope, and the opportunity to the most “in need” people in the world.

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