Orphan Graduate Transition Homes

One globally overlooked at risk group are Orphan Graduates. These young boys and girls graduate the local orphanage and are sent out to fend for themselves.  When they “graduate” from the orphanage as teenagers, they have nowhere to go, nowhere to live, and no life skills to help them become independent.  As many as 60% of these girls find their way to prostitution, and as many of these boys turn to crime resulting in 70% of them serving time in prison.  These youth simply do not have options when they are forced to leave the protection of the orphanage.

Tikkun Olam International believes that when a child has a safe place to live, adequate food, and an education, they then have the means to become self-sustaining, they have hope, and they can stand on their own two feet.   For this reason, T-O-I is involved in establishing Transition Homes for Orphan Graduates.

A T-O-I Transition Home provides a safe place for adolescent boys or girls to develop into responsible young adults. These youth have mentors who work with them and help them to set the goal, and achieve them.  They are provided with food, hot and cold water for showers, comfortable beds, and a mentoring family environment.  They learn how to clean, cook, and care for their property as these basic life skills are many times not taught in the orphanage.

With the assistance of the T-O-I job placement program, all of the participants are required to find a full-time job.  T-O-I helps them to learn how to responsibly save money.  Upon their completion of the Transition Home program, they are accompanied by a mentor to purchase essential household items; with the money in their savings account.  Most participants enter the program with little more than the clothes on their backs. Yet when they leave they have not only clothes, and essential household items, they have a family to turn to, the life skills that they need, sustainable income, and hope for the future.

The Transition Home gives them hope and support for a better future, helps to demonstrate the power of education, and prevents the next generation from being lost to the street, prostitution and crime.

If you would like to meet some of the Transition Home program participants, you can read about them at http://t-o-i.org/resources-2/latest-stories/

If you are interested becoming a Transition Home Mentor, please contact us at hello@t-o-i.org

If you are interested in financially contributing to the monthly support of the Transition Home, please contact us at http://t-o-i.org/one-time-contribution/