THE T-O-I Model

There are 5 key aspects to the T-O-I model of life development and life transformation:

  • Transition Homes for Orphan Graduates; giving them a safe environment to transition to responsible adult living, with mentors to guide them.
  • Vocational Skills Training; giving individual training to the most at-risk people, including widows and youth, to insure they have an opportunity to improve their livelihood.
  • Job Placement Assistance; preparing, assisting, and placing participants in sustainable job opportunities in their immediate communities.
  • DIY Creations; working with women who are not able to work outside the home to create “at home” income opportunities.
  • Social Entrepreneurship; working with the smallest business owners to help them improve their capacity, meet their goals, and improve their livelihood.

The T-O-I model is based on the belief that by meeting people where they are at, and helping them with their greatest needs, you build a meaningful long-term relationship, give them hope, and help them change their future.

T-O-I has a strong commitment to helping those people who are the most at risk.  Whether it is an orphan graduate, a widow trying to provide for her children, or a father trying to provide for his family, the spectrum of need can be found in the T-O-I model.  T-O-I has successfully put this model into practice under the most difficult circumstances.  Proving that long-term life transformation is possible if you are willing to meet people where they are at, get involved in their lives, and build a meaningful relationship.

Orphan Graduate Transition Homes – T-O-I recognizes that when orphans graduate from their orphanage they have very few options for a safe environment.  For this reason, T-O-I endeavors to provide a safe environment for them to continue a safe transition to self-sustainable independent adult living, with mentors, and access to T-O-I programs.

Vocational Skills Training – T-O-I recognizes that whether you are an 18-year-old orphan graduate, a young mother, or just have not had the opportunity to learn job skills; an opportunity to have practical job skills training can be the difference between just being able to survive and having hope for a brighter future.

Job Placement Assistance – T-O-I works with the most at risk people to help them find full and part time employment. This is about identifying skills, preparing participants for interviews, helping find job opportunities, and both short term and long term mentoring and guidance.   The goal is always long-term, sustainable, life changing livelihood improvement.

DIY Creations – T-O-I acknowledges that not every person can work outside the home. Many women are bound to the home to take care of children, or family members.  For this reason T-O-I works with these participants to provide “in home” opportunities for income through crafts, production, etc.  These opportunities provide income, hope, and a sense of worth for these women.

Social Entrepreneurship – T-O-I works with beneficiaries that have the skills and desire to start businesses and the smallest businesses at the bottom of the economic sector to help improve their capacity. This includes farming/agriculture, livestock, etc. from a holistic approach.  This assistance can come in many forms, from mentorship and training, to supplying livestock to help the business grow.

By working hand in hand with qualified participants to train them and help them start businesses T-O-M empowers people with hope and dignity.

T-O-I’s unique model is designed to reach those people most in need of assistance and to transform their lives. It is about the people, the relationships, giving them hope and investing in their lives.   This approach has produced amazing, life-changing, long-term transformation.