Social Entrepreneurship

T-O-I works with beneficiaries that have the skills and desire to start businesses and the smallest businesses at the bottom of the economic sector to help improve their capacity. This includes farming/agriculture, livestock, etc. from a holistic approach.  This assistance can come in many forms, from mentorship and training to supplying livestock to help the business grow. This grassroots program is focused on 1-on-1 relationship building and assistance to the new business owners in the community.

In many cases, the needs of the business owner are simply guidance on how to best maximize their income, or minimize their expenses.  In some cases, T-O-I will provide assets to the business in the form of livestock, grain, etc. to improve the capacity of the business.  In return, these goods will be returned, in kind, to T-O-I in the future by the participant so that they may be used to help someone else.

T-O-I believes that starting businesses in communities is a vital part of creating jobs, and opportunities for the most at-risk people. By working hand in hand with qualified participants to train them and help them start businesses T-O-M empowers people with hope and dignity.  Providing hope, opportunity, and assistance to participants is a catalyst to bringing prosperity and hope to the community.