DIY Creations

Despite the dire situation in Afghanistan, good things are happening, and T-O-I is happy to be part of it. The goal of DIY Creations is to empower women by providing them with skills, a job, and a salary, which can all lead to startup businesses.  During the Taliban era girls were not allowed an education and as a result today most women over the age of 30 in Afghanistan have no education, no experience, and no skills to be able to provide an income for their families. T-O-I believes that DIY creations can help women of Afghanistan to believe in themselves, to embrace individuality, and to inspire confidence that they will pass to their children.  T-O-M, T-O-I’s Afghan affiliate, is happy to welcome nine women, widows and orphan girls, who have joined the DIY Creations program since it began in November 2015.

How DIY Creations is already making a difference.

Momubah is an Afghan woman with a disabled husband and 5 children. Momubah and her family had only 20Afs/$.30USD to their name. Momubah and her daughter had made dough for bread and gave that last 20Afs to a baker to bake the bread for them. She had no idea where the next money would come from as she had already borrowed a lot of money from her family and they had no more to give. That same day Momubah received a call from TOM inviting her to be a program participant for DIY Creations. Momubah entered the program the next day and starting making beaded necklace ID holders, and on her first day took home 400Afs/$6.02USD for her work. Over the course of her first week in DIY Creations, she made over 1,900Afs/$28.61USD.  Momubah has become a regular program participant for DIY Creations and her family is now able to eat, purchase fuel for heat, and help pay for her daughter’s university education.

To show support for Momubah and women like her you can purchase these handmade items or make a donation to the DIY Creations program.

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