Disaster Relief

Heartbreaking events take place everyday in, or near, places were T-O-I is working. Many innocent people fall victims of hurricanes, explosions, avalanches, mudslides, and earthquakes. It can happen to anyone at any time, as it all comes down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  For this reason the T-O-I team provides relief to those affected by these disasters.

The T-O-I disaster Relief team volunteers consist of selfless T-O-I staff members and selfless volunteers who understand the blessing of being available to help others stricken by such untimely events. Our Disaster Relief program director is in constant contact with the Governments and Ministries on how T-O-I can serve and help the communities we work in.   Our main objective with the Disaster Relief Program is to show compassion and love to those who need it most.

Distributed Relief items are based on the type of disaster and the immediate needs of the people.  All items are provided and given free of charge.  Anyone can volunteer to be a crewmember for T-O-I’s Disaster Relief Program, either by coming and physically participating or by financially contributing.

The T-O-I team in action

In August 2015, a vehicle filled with explosive material blew up in a residential area in Kabul, Afghanistan in the middle of the night.  Over 50 people died and more than 400 people were injured. On that day, our Disaster Relief team was on standby and ready to help.  We made runs to local shops, purchased nonperishable food items, packaged them up, and headed out to the disaster sight.  After visiting the sight and talking to area leaders our team found the greatest need was for food to be distributed to victims and their families.  Many victims and their families had been waiting for several hours to be treated at the local hospitals.  We visited three hospitals, handed out food, listened to people’s stories, and let them know we care.  UNICEF estimates that nearly 35,000 people were displaced and residing in cloth tents in refugee camps around Kabul.

Until it happens, no one knows how much it means to have the help of someone who cares.  T-O-I is proud of the Disaster Relief team for their selfless dedication to serving others in the time of desperate need.