Vision, Mission & Core Values


We envision a world where the most at risk people have opportunity to raise themselves out of poverty in a dignified way.


The core mission of T-O-I is to provide sustainable, life changing, opportunities to the most at-risk people groups.  Meeting them at their greatest need, showing them opportunity, and being a catalyst to life changing transformation, hope, and a sustainable livelihood.

Core Values


To take responsibility means that you take the action necessary without waiting for someone else to tell you to do it.


Accountability means to be responsible for our daily work. If we do something wrong then we will personally be accountable for the mistake


A person shows respect to others in their words and actions.  A person gets respect by showing respect, not because of their position or title


Transparency means that everything you do, you can do in front of others as you have nothing to hide and no secrets.  You strive to always do what is right and admit when you are wrong


We must always work through difficult situations.  We know that through perseverance we will gain knowledge and understanding therefore, we will succeed.


We show compassion to those we serve, both clients and non-clients.  Compassion is the act of being kind and considerate, and showing concern and empathy for the well-being of others


Dedication is a person is willing to do whatever it takes to help another person, organization, or a cause they believe in.  They do so without asking or expecting any personal benefit in return.


To be helpful or useful to someone by giving them something that is needed or wanted.


Encouragement is to boost and motivate others; supporting them during difficult times or in difficult circumstances


By working together we can repair and transform the world.


Continually working to improve our skills, abilities, and program to meet the needs of the people we serve.