At T-O-I, we believe that Micro-finance is a sustainable way to assist the poorest economically active people to improve their lives, provide jobs and livelihood for employees and their families and make a positive impact in their community as a whole. Our micro-finance loans allow clients to increase the size of their businesses to meet market demand and as a result create more income. With this income they are able to provide better schooling for their children, better housing for their family, more consistent food for their family, better healthcare for their family, etc. T-O-I directly impacts the multidimensional poverty indicators of its beneficiaries.

Additionally, as our clients grow their businesses they are generate a need for employees. Members of their community with the proper job skills meet this need. By providing a job for one member of the community you are not just providing for one person, but usually for a family of 4-8 people; 6 on average. Now the impact of a micro-finance loan that has allowed one business owner to increase his business has improved the lives of his family + his employee’s family = 12 people. We know that helping people improve their current business we can improve the lives of an exponential number of people, and this practice is already happening. By changing one life, we help countless other people.

What makes T-O-M program different?

T-O-M’s vision is to focus on building a world without poverty where people have access to resources and opportunities to improve their own lives.

T-O-M’s Mission:  Through micro-finance and skills development we enable the poor to improve their income and change their lives forever.

Social Performance of T-O-M principals:

“ No consumer loans, only business development to improve clients income and livelihood

“ We measure the improvement of the client’s financial situation before each partnership. If the client’s situation is has not improved we don’t give a partnership, but look at how to adjust the situation to improve the client’s situation. T-O-M must see improved income to the client and his family. T-O-M is interested on easing the burden on clients.

“ We measure the satisfaction of clients through surveys on T-O-M’s performance and staff following our core values.

T-O-M differs from other micro-finance companies, because our profits go back to the communities by way of social programs. T-O-M’s social performance department was created in January 2015.  The goal of this department is involved in measuring social performance and implementing social responsibility to build a strong relationship in the community, resolve racialism, fight against poverty, and help with the unemployment plague so many communities face today. T-O-M’s social performance department engages in helping some of the most at risk people. Providing job placement for orphans, widows and people with physical disabilities who tend to suffer more than the average person, especially in a downward economy.

Some of the Current Social Responsibility Programs of T-O-M:

“ The T-O-M Transition House that supports orphans as they transition from orphanage living to independent living.

“ Supporting economic empowerment through the Job Placement Program for Orphans, Widows, and those with physical disabilities.

“ Disaster Relief Program to serve communities when disasters occur.

“ DIY Handcraft Business start-ups for Afghan women and those with physical disabilities.

T-O-M currently is partnered with over 5,000 micro-businesses in Kabul, of which over 1,400 are businesses owned by women.  Since 2014, T-O-M has created over 110 jobs internally to Afghans.  To date, our Job Placement Program has placed 32 orphans, among them some with disabilities, 2 widows, and 1 man with a physical disability.  All of these people and are now self-sustainable, and in return contributing to the local economy. The T-O-M Transition House currently has 6 program participants and 10 more on the waiting list.  The DIY Handcraft Business Program is just getting off the ground this month with many anxious woman taking part.  The Disaster Relief Crew has already been out giving nonperishable food items to the victims and families of the Shah Shahid suicide attack that killed over 25 people and injured more than 400.  This is only the beginning of T-O-M’s work in Afghanistan. Join us in Repairing the World Together, One Life at a Time.

 TOM Performance Table, September 2015
 Number of Staff  151
 Number of active clients  5,198
 PAR (portfolio at risk) 30%  1.24%
 Gross Loan Portfolio (USD)   3,254,242
 Number of branches   2