Waheed’s Story

What circumstances led you to live in children's home orphanage?

waheed-1I was 3 when my father was killed in the civil war, when Taliban was ruling here.  After he died, me, my younger sister and my mother were left alone. Therefore, we moved to live with my brother-in-law. My mother used to make money by washing clothes, and my brother in law was a baker and we could hardly afford our lives. This situation forced my mother to send me to a children’s house called “House of Flower Orphanage”, so I can get education and taken care of.

What it was like growing up in the children's home?

The first weeks were so difficult because I entered a whole new atmosphere away from my mother and younger sister. I couldn’t help it and most of the times I was homesick and crying until mother enrolled my sister in the orphanage. After this, everything got better for me and I started to blend in day by day. We had two female teachers and one male who taught us Dari alphabet and soon, I was qualified to join the first grade in an elementary school like other children. I studied hard and for most of the years, I was the top student in the class. I finished with high school in 2013.

What is your family life? Do you have siblings?

I grew up in a small family. My mother, me and three sisters which two of them are older than me and married and, a younger one who is also in orphanage.

What was your first job? How did you find it?

It was two years ago when I first met Mrs. Payne who visited the children house once in a while for to provide support for children. One day, she offered me to work for a microfinance company here in Kabul for half a day after school, and I accepted the offer without hesitation.

How has his job helped prepare him for life after the children's home?

My first job brought me a new life. Even though I made little money with my first job, but our financial situation improved and I could left the orphanage and join my family. I could support them now, pay my school and even save for myself. I learnt many things by working in an organization. It was inspiring, and also helped me to discover some of my potentials. For example, I become interested in the Human Resources sector and I would really like to work one day as a Human Resources Manager in an organization. This is because it deals with all staff and you get to meet many different people who come to join the company.

What is your future plans now after leaving orphanage and finishing school?

It is difficult to say what I am going to do in the future because I am young and I just entered college. But, what I would really like to do now is to continue my education to higher level and become a useful and valuable member of my family and society.